Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mexican Cat Woman

 Bringing you our first ever guest blogger. She's the one and the only. She's the reason we got a cat. She's our favorite Thanksgiving guest. We love this business card collecting, cat loving, and taco eating lady. 
We give you Linnea. Xx

I can use two words that describe myself pretty well: Cats and Mexican. Specifically Mexican food, and ALL cats.


I love kitties! All kitties! I would squeeze every last one of them if I could. I squeeze my baby boy Stubby multiple times a day. I also kiss his face hundreds of times a day. There is just something about kitties’ paws and noses that make me so happy. They have the cutest little toes and pads on each toe! I mean I just love to kiss play with their toes and stroke their pads repeatedly. Their noses are so fuzzy on the brim, then the heart shaped front is soft and wet. It’s like they are breathing out heart shaped love and breathing in my love and adoration.

Mexican Food

This genre of food has been ruined by it’s country to the north every what way from tacos to guacamole. Which happen to be two of my favorites to make myself, because I have exceptionally high standards when it comes to eating these foods.


I have made my own version of authentic chicken Mexicana tacos based from several other recipes and restaurants. There are many different ways to make these with slight variety changes to each ingredient.
Package of chicken breast, or I’ve also used meat from a rotisserie chicken too
                        ½ onion, red or white, thinly sliced in half circles
                        2-3 garlic cloves, depending of the size, minced
                        any pepper you prefer really, green bell or Anaheim (lighter green and   longer, not thin and long though), or if you like spicy jalapeno is always a fave, seeded and chopped
                        Fresh cilantro, a good amount! Maybe like half a handful, or more, depending if you like it (but I mean come on, you’re not a true Mexican if you don’t love cilantro. You shouldn’t be allowed to eat tacos if you don’t, or any Mexican food for that matter.)
                        Soft tacos tortillas, corn or flour depending on your preference. If you happen to use corn tortillas I would deff suggest to heat them in a separate skillet in a little olive oil to warm them up. This also prevents them from breaking and splitting when the meat and stuff is inside. It becomes like a warm towel to keep your filling cozy warm.
                        Now for the spices:
                         About 1-2 teaspoons of Cumin. I never measure my spices, or anything for that matter, the beauty and art of being a cook, I just kinda shake out the spices and herbs until looks about good. But I guess for recipe purposes I need to give somewhat of a ballpark estimate. My ballpark may be bigger or smaller than yours, so by all means use your own judgment. But, don’t blame me if you over spice things!
                        About 1 teaspoon of Chili Powder, either regular or Ancho Chili Powder is good too, that has become my new fave
                        A couple dashes of Cayenne pepper, this gives it a little bit of spiciness and heat. If you don’t like spicy then don’t add a lot
                        About 1 tablespoon of dried Oregano, I’ve never used fresh before, but if you happen to have fresh I’m sure that would taste better! If it does and you absolutely love it, let me know! Then I’ll probs start using fresh, or probs not. I may need to plant my own spice and herb garden soon.
                        Salt and pepper to season and taste, I never go too crazy with these because I’m deff not a fan of food toooooo salty or too peppery. It does kill a dish a lot of times. (Take it from someone who watches Food Network constantly, and especially on Copped, that is a frequent comment they say. Not that I would go on Chopped or anything, but I would take Aaron Sanchez’s advice any day! Look him up if you don’t know who he is.)

            Now for the cooking part!
            If you’re using raw chicken, cut in bite size pieces and cook in a pan on medium or medium high heat with a couple tablespoons of olive oil, depending on your stove top. Season with salt and pepper! When the chicken is almost cooked fully (slightly pinkish in the middle) add the onions and pepper add a little more salt. Cook for a few minutes longer, until they are a little sweaty. Then add in garlic cloves and all the spices. I add a little bit of water or chicken stock if you have that on hand to better combine all the spices and makes the dish moist and not dry. This also prevents from the spices burning and everything sticking to the pan.  Cook a few more minutes to let all these flavors develop (a term I hear constantly on cooking shows). At the last second add the cilantro and combine! Place a spoonful of the meat on the tortillas! Top with guacamole, salsa, or sour cream and eat!