Friday, October 24, 2014

Living the Plant Life.

We are in a constant struggle with our plants.... we either have too many pots and need more plants, or too many plants and need more pots. Resulting in way too many plants for us to handle. So, then some die and we just have to get more at the market on Saturdays... We tried to get a handle on our plant life this weekend.

[1] a handful of our plants getting some much needed sun
[2] our new herbs, after the last attempt at keeping herbs ended in them being fried by the sun
[3] The trusty watering can... french press by day, watering can by night
[4] the mini garden... that succulent is currently very dead btw
[5] Exciting news: We finally found a new glass to fit in our wall hanging....after the last one got run over by a car...