Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kenya Part iii: Nakuru/Nyeri

We spent a day with the toddlers and older children in the Nakuru home. The home for toddlers and older children is in Nakuru. They have their own Montessori preschool/kindergarten, and a sweet staff. In the morning, we led some art time with the older children, art that will be scanned and used for an art auction in the states to raise money for the homes. What artists we had. 

Lena may have gotten violently ill while we were watching The Emperor's New Groove 2... a true travesty, since it is one of her favorite movies. Now ruined forever. What a shame. 

Overall, a wonderful morning with the kids. We played outside with the children. A rousing game of football and a game sort of like monkey in the middle. Loved watching the grandma of the house join in the games. 

This ones a favorite! So much color. So much creativity. 

Playing hangman with some of the girls. 

Nakuru Game Drive
Lions, Gazelles, and Rhinos, Oh My!
We went on an exciting game drive around Lake Nakuru during our time there. Our dear driver, Francis was a great spotter, and we saw wildebeests (so.many.wildabeasts.), baboons, giraffes, zebras, gazelles, a rhino, water bucks, warthogs, and a lioness!!

Safari Ready!! It was such a cold drive.

This is the smallest of the New Life Homes. We spent a very short time getting to know the children, but we were glad we got to stop by this little home tucked in Mt. Kenya.