Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kenya Part ii: Kisumu

Kisumu, we love you.

Such a sweet moment between Lena and Sarah.

Favorite place we've visited. We stayed in Pabari's Paradise, which was like staying in the garden of Eden. The two of us stayed in the "bunk house" - bunk beds once again. The gardens made you feel like you were in a jungle, and Mrs. Pabari filled the grounds with potted plants and secret paths we could have stayed for weeks. Such a calming place to be.

We were once again spoiled, and had two personal chefs, Neema & Ester, who cooked us huge breakfasts and dinners each day. We learned to love mandazi so much they sent us with an extra container for the drive to Nakuru. (Mandazi = Kenyan fried dough) According to Lena, it doesn't seem as bad for you, if it's made with Kenyan ingredients.... so eating 8 mandazis just felt right.

The Kisumu Home has babies, toddlers, and the only special needs unit named the Amani Cottage. The Cottage quickly became our favorite place to be. The Kisumu home felt truly like a home, and the staff won our hearts. The Amani Cottage is run by a British couple, who we adore, and learned so much from. The program they run is probably the most progressive in the country, and provides such a nurturing environment. It was hard for us to leave here, in a way it became our home in the short time we were here.

You haven't seen the last of us. 
xo A&L