Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kenya Part i: Nairobi

Currently we have about 36 hours in Nairobi, between coming back from Kisumu, Nakuru, and Nyeri and going to our Masai Mara safari.
36 hours of sleeping, eating, movie watching, and updating you on our survival.
36 hours of a blissful break.

We are staying in a "Manhattan Penthouse" of Nairobi (so spoiled...) right down the street from the Nairobi New Life Home. So many babies.
The home here has the most children, under 3 years. This is the home where they rehabilitate the most critical babies found. There is a nursing staff and incubator, and we've gotten to see 3 abandoned babies come into the home, one so so tiny. Her arms are the width of a finger. Another is a newborn, and the third is a 6 month old bouncing baby girl. Our favorite part of this home is feeding the babies. All the volunteers line up on a bench outside, each with a baby in arm. The volunteers come from all over. There are between 10-30 volunteers at any moment. We've met wonderful people from the UK, Russia, locally from Kenya, and the US.

During our time here when we arrived, we got to see a father and son return to visit the son's "first" home. The dad was so very excited and thrilled to show his son where they first met, his son was being a typical teenager, and it was such a bright moment.

So much energy here. Among the toddlers, volunteers, staff, and babies. This is the most active home.  Constantly new people coming and going. Children coming and going, which is such a wonderful thing to see.

The many volunteers and babies sitting out on the baby patio.