Sunday, February 2, 2014

Years that ask questions

"There are years that ask questions
and years that answer."
Zora Neale Hurston

This has certainly been a year that asks questions so far.

Where do we begin.

We took on so much, so fast. Moving to a new city far from home. Starting new jobs. Let alone starting at a brand new school. Our first year truly on our own. And so much to learn. And take on all at once.

We realize these are the experiences that prepare us and will strengthen us for whatever is to come, but it can feel so unknown. A lot of the time, we feel so naive for getting ourselves into some tough situations. And even though we know they serve a purpose, it doesn't make it any easier.

The weight of the struggle was so much greater than we thought it would be. We expected the typical struggles of starting out on your own, navigating the newness of a job and a new city, but having to take on working in a place so financially and structurally broken is exhausting. In ways that we never expected to be so demeaning.

Yet this experience that has threatened to destroy us is the very thing that is teaching us to endure. It is teaching us to believe in what we feel is right even if no one else does. It is forcing us to make decisions.

It is hard to have a clear perspective. Most moments seem to be a struggle to keep a hopeful perspective, but that is the only perspective we can have without giving up.

We cannot just survive this year. We have to go after it. We have to give it our all. We have to do what feels right.

The thing that may be threatening to destroy you today may be the very thing that delivers you tomorrow.
Steven Furtick