Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"You force the moment."

"Sometimes the best advice comes randomly.

And yet, I love how words can sound the world,
how they can take you deep inside your life:
you say something simple, and suddenly, 
that plank in reason breaks and down you drop- 
into a liberating train of thought.
You're drinking coffee, talking to a friend,
and poetry unravels from her mouth, 
an Ariadne string that leads you out
of that dark labyrinth where a minotaur 
of your own making has held you in a thrall."
Julia Alvarez, Touching Bottom

"You force the moment."
Advice given in how to deal with cats. 

Forcing the moment… We want immediate results.
We decorate our houses in haste with a store bought sense of home, not realizing that home is made through patience and collecting and time. 

We want immediate affirmation.
We rush the process of our craft. We want to feel accomplished, without the effort and handwork of being committed to quality. 

We are willing to sacrifice our sense of truth in order to meet the expectations of others. 

We force it. We force the moment. And you miss the moment. 

How do we not force the moment?

Perhaps it's being okay with not having all these accomplishments.
Perhaps it's being a little more still where we are. We don't have to constantly try to achieve or be something we are not.
Perhaps we would all experience a little more home, a little more quality, a little less stress, and a little little more truth.

We have lived our lives rather patiently. And learned that this life is pretty confusing. 
There were moments we could have settled. But didn't. 
And it's not easy being committed to your sense of truth. 

It doesn't always feel good, but it feels right.