Wednesday, January 30, 2013

You're beautiful, Gin.

I wasn't born a beauty queen but I'm okay with that
Making my own road out of gravel and some wine
[Black Sheep - Gin Wigmore]

Dear Gin,
What a night. 
Thanks for putting on a show.
Loved your boys. They're keepers. With goofy grins and snazzy boots.
You made us a part of the show. That takes talent.
You're beautiful, Gin. You're beautiful.

A Mighty Wind

We are only passing shadows in a mighty wind.

May our hearts sing an honest song.

Today we found paper cranes in our bird feeder.
Today a maintenance man gave a ride home in the rain.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day well spent

We wake up to both a shriek of joy at the fiery sunrise, and a moan of indignation.
2 PB&J sandwiches for breakfast + Amie's forecast that the weather will be warm = frostbitten fingers...frostbitten everything
After class...reunited and it felt so good.
Chilly sprint.
2 hours spent organizing crafting materials. Our stickers are now organized according to use.
Cauliflower for dinner (Cause we ALWAYS eat cauliflower...right?) combined with New Girl and Mindy.
An extraordinarily snugly nap on the couch from 9-935pm.
Mucca Puzza. dancin.

We call that a day well spent.