Monday, October 29, 2012

Our spectacularly un-public lives

It has alway seemed like everything you do has to be publicized to give your life meaning.

Recently, we have let go of all the anticipated hype we create around doing things. It used to seem that you needed lots of friends and documentation -hey there social media- (not to mention a kick-ass outfit partnered with unequivocal beauty) to seem relevant. We would let this hold us back.

Now, that's not to say there isn't a place for social media, but you have to ask yourself if it is the defining judgement of your life's value.


Perhaps it is our new found maturity... or something in the air, but we've found ourselves in this wonderful whirlwind of spontaneity that we allow to be self-fulfilling.

It all began as we got ready to go to our last homecoming. Typically an event like this would require hours of preparation with fifteen other girls. Our night unfolded with Lena arriving home half an hour after the dance had started, and Amie was still in bed napping. Within fifteen minutes, we had ourselves ready and out the door. Leaving behind all inhibition. Afterwards, we couldn't even be bothered to change out of our party dresses to go to the bar. Boy did that feel a little uncomfortable. ...Maybe that had something to do with our sobriety and the lack of everyone else's. Nonetheless, we danced through the night.

The following afternoon, with an hour to kill and a desire to make apple crisp, we went apple picking... in our jogging clothes. As we passed through the orchard, having ourselves a grand old time, we were surrounded by quite the glamorous apple pickers. You would have thought it was a photo shoot.

It made us wonder how present you could be in the moment with such pressure to capture the image of a spectacular memory to be publicized.

We had been wanting to grill out by the Breeches with friends, but circumstance was not in our favor. So, that Sunday evening, we learned how to use charcoal all by ourselves and how to put it out. (which may have entailed running back and forth filling plastic champagne glasses with creek water)

In this newfound phase, we've been finding contentment where we are, and not letting the pressure to have a spectacularly exposed life demean what we have, which is pretty damn wonderful.