Saturday, September 8, 2012


We gathered one last treasure from the warm seasons. 
Prompted by a news article needing to be written and our desire to share some local love, we found our way to the nearby farm market, where we could pick our own flowers, buy some fresh produce, and connect with new friends. 
We spent time frolicking through a field of flowers in the warm sunshine, while filling an old can with bright blooms we cut ourselves. 

The blossoms conveyed our own sense of becoming. They've worked hard all season long to survive the trials of nature and have bloomed into a symbol of that survival. These seemingly delicate beauties hold a concealed strength that is required for growth. We cannot grow or experience the joy of blooming unless we go through that daring process of growth.

And now there is this subtle shift as we move from a time of strenuous growth to fullness. It comes in an inconspicuous moment. It is subtle and seemingly ordinary in its coming, but just sacred enough to make you notice. We know that seasons come and go, but there are moments when the season seems unending and your faith falters, but then there is an instant that comes unexpectedly, and you realize your strength has sustained you for yet another day. And it is in those small moments that you notice a subtle, but profound strength in yourself. 

We have made it this far. We wouldn't change our course. Each season of life have given us a sense of peace in our journey. It is so good to finally find a moment of contentment at the end of a season. 

Don't you just love how that crisp fall feel finds its way into the air?